[toggle_content title=”Get More Recruits to Commit to an On-Campus Visit (click to open)”] Does your team have a special post-game tradition? Do fans or student groups gather before every game in a unique way to cheer the team on? Getting your prospective student-athletes on campus to experience these traditions will help sell your program, but how can you give them a feel for what makes you different even before they visit? An immersive, 360-degree panorama of your traditions with video and audio is the closest thing to being there. Online visitors to your virtual tour site will not be constrained by traditional showcase methods such as a still photograph (limited point of view) or video alone (predefined time span).
[/toggle_content] [toggle_content title=”Show Your Alumni & Fan Base Where Their Contributions Go (click to open)”] You’ve spent millions of dollars to renovate your facilities, now what? How can you open the doors to your football stadium other than 7-8 days in the Fall? How can you give fans all over the world incredible access to “players only” areas like the locker room and weight room? Early Commit takes virtual tour technology to the next level with features like Live Action Capture, Customized Navigation Controls and Integrated Video and Audio. Think beyond the standard viewpoint of looking at a facility from ground level. We have produced viewpoints from lifts, rooftops and other unique angles.
[/toggle_content] [toggle_content title=”Get More Recruits to Commit to an On-Campus Visit (click to open)”] Bring your facility to life by displaying season video highlights directly on the facility’s scoreboard. Or in a separate video player. Or in empty space. Have your school’s fight song play once or on a constant loop. Select video content individually or pull straight from your school’s YouTube channel. No other virtual tour product will give you these kind of options and flexibility when it comes to deploying your multimedia content.
[/toggle_content] [toggle_content title=”Allow Ticket Holders To Preview Their Seats (click to open)”] Ensure a positive customer experience for your season ticket holders who are trying to figure out the difference between Section A and Section K before they choose their seats. Early Commit can produce virtual tours with complete horizontal and vertical views from any seat or vantage point.
[/toggle_content] [toggle_content title=”Enhance Your Brand By Getting On Technology’s Cutting Edge (click to open)”] “Three-screen technology” is also increasing in importance and developing content for the third “screen” (mobile devices) is especially crucial for anyone trying to connect with the teenage demographic. All of our clients have the option of making their virtual tours compatible with mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, and Droid.[/toggle_content]