Facilities Showcase Virtual Tour Projects

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[/col_2_5] [col_3_5 ] [title h2=”title_blue”]Penn360[/title] After spending millions of dollars on facilities improvements, The University of Pennsylvania Athletic Department commissioned Early Commit to highlight the new features to web visitors from all media. The result was the NCAA’s first all-facilities virtual tour compatible with desktop systems, including Adobe Flash, and mobile operating systems, including Android and iOS.

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[/col_2_5] [col_3_5 ] [title h2=”title_blue”]CLEMSON 360[/title] In planning for the 2011 fiscal year, the Clemson Athletic Department set out to showcase its athletic facilities online in a way that would impact visitors from around the world. After considering numerous options, Clemson selected Early Commit for its cutting edge technology. Clemson360 has been a boon to the athletic department’s publicity efforts and has been cited by prospective student-athletes as a reason for choosing the Tigers.

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[/col_2_5] [col_3_5 ] [title h2=”title_blue”]ACC 2011 MEN’S BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP – iPad Compatible[/title] The Atlantic Coast Conference tapped Early Commit to help showcase one of the grandest tournaments in college athletics, which included two of the sport’s most storied programs in the title game. Duke took on North Carolina with series bragging rights and the 2010-11 league championship on the line. ACC fans can re-live the championship via computer or iPad.

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[/col_2_5] [col_3_5 ] [title h2=”title_blue”]ACC 2010 FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP[/title] For the first time, the ACC Football Championship was held in Charlotte for 2010. To help capture the event, the league office tapped Early Commit to showcase the pre-game festivities, atmosphere at kickoff and post-game celebration. Re-live each of these moments with 360-degree panoramas featured video, audio and additional still photos.

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[/col_2_5] [col_3_5 ] [title h2=”title_blue”]ACC 2011 WOMEN’S BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP[/title] As with the men’s tournament, the ladies title clash matched Duke with North Carolina in the Greensboro Coliseum. Click for a 360-degree view of the game, featuring the ACC Women’s Basketball theme song “She Can Play.”

Launch ACC Women’s Basketball Experience[/col_3_5] [divider_thin] [col_2_5] [frame_left]http://earlycommit.com/wp-content/uploads/flagler-sample.jpg[/frame_left] [/col_2_5] [col_3_5 ] [title h2=”title_blue”]FLAGLER BASEBALL[/title] Fans of Flagler College Baseball can view five different 360-degree viewpoints, including the state-of-the-art locker room, practice field, entrance and a pair of different views from around Drysdale Field during game action in 2011. The tour also highlights the scoreboard and batting cages, features that make Flagler stand apart from its competition.

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